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    Dear Au Pair,

    I am the host mom. You can also call me Suki. I am a housewife. My husband, you can call him Mr. Huang, or Oscar dad, he works in financial industrial. I have two lovely boys, Hank and Oscar. Hank is 10 years old, Grade 3 in primary school and Oscar is 6 years in Grade 1. My mom is also living with us. She can cook very delicious Chinese food. I believe you will love it. If you like cooking, you can also learn from her. 

    Hank is very busy with schooling and also have some after-school hobby classes. So your main job would be with Oscar. He can speak English, and have no problem to understand you for daily communication. The boys love sports a lot, especially football, tennis, swimming, Skateboard, running etc. They are also learning piano at present. If you have the same hobbies, hope you can play together happily. 

    We live a very healthy and regular life. Everyday Oscar finishes school around 3:30pm. It’s quite close from the kindergarten. If the weather is good, you can play a while in the garden in our neighborhood and then come home for dinner. After dinner, you can do some English reading and they go to bed around 8 or 8:30pm. At weekend, we like to eat out, do some outdoor activities, or go to nearby cities for fun. 

    We had an amazing au pair experience with an Italian girl in 2016. She left on 15th of Jan. The past 13 months totally changed our life and we really got along well with each other. We have traveled together in many cities in China and also spend 3 weeks in Japan last summer, 2 weeks in Hong Kong for last Chinese New Year. I believe my kids and I will always keep these good memories with her. I also hope your coming will bring new fun and experience. Let’s create new memories again!!

    At last, we sincerely hope you can join our family and be a new addition of us. 

    See you soon!!



    my son Oscar


    Oscar and our previous au pair Emma