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    Dear Au Pair,

    Nice to meet you! Warmly Welcome to our family!

    I am the host mom and work in management position in a company. In my free time, I like reading and listening to music. Host dad is a senior executive of a company and his hobbies are reading and watching movies. My boy Joe, 13 years old, who is a pretty optimistic,outgoing, caring and responsible. Moreover, he is the top one student at school. He started to play badminton at 9 years old and he has been playing it for 4 years. Now he can play badminton very well. Recently, he shows great interests in basketball and has been taking part in basketball training camp which is conducted by foreign coach from Europe and America (some of them are retired team player of NBA). Therefore, the basketball class every week is his favorite. Joe likes travelling all over the world and feel about different cultures. He has been to many countries, like Thiland, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, America, Australia and UK. 

    Last summer, he joined a overseas study group and studied in a middle school near London which has over 300 years history for half a month. He made a good relationship with the teachers, clasmates and host family here. Like many youngers, he likes pop music but he doesn’t have a fixed idol singer and foreign singers, for example, he prefers to listen to some songs from Justin Biber. 

    We don’t host nanny at home and we do housework by ourselves. We warmly welcome you to come to China to learn Chinese culture while we also hope you can try to speak more English with Joe and tell him your country’s history, culture and traditonal customs so that Joe can learn English and get more information while having fun. We basically won’t ask you to do housework but we will regard you as our kid, taking good care of you. Of course, if you are willing to help us do some light housework, such as cleaning or showing us your cooking, we will be happy to see that. Meanwhile, I can improve my English speaking and listening skills. and I can teach you some Chinese and let you know about Chinese history and culture characteristics.                                                                                                                                                               

    Our family lead a regular life. During free time, you can go to park, zoo, supermarket, book store, library, museum with us. We can go shopping and try all kinds of Chinese food together, if you like.                                                                                       

    We live in Nancheng district, Dongguan city. nearby there is metro station. We can offer you a separate room with WIFI and bathroom shared with Joe. On diet, if you get used to or are willing to try Chinese food, you can have meals with us together. If not, you can cook for yourself and we can provide you with food materials.                                                                               

    One point needs to be emphasized: becuase Joe lives in school on weekdays, you will live with us in our company’s dormitory, located in Tangxia, which a town of Dongguan. We will also offter you a separate room. That means, from Monday to Friday, you have plenty of free time and we only can communicate with you after 6:00 pm when we off work. We really hope we can learn language and culture from each other during this period. You also can explore Tangxia at daytime and feel about this Chinese town. Tangxia is not just a normal town but a top-ranked town in China. :)

    What’more, we hope you can come to China around Dec,15,2017 ~Jan,15,2018. Chinese traditional festival -Spring festival is coming soon. This is one festival which can greatly reflect Chinese culture. You can experience Chiense festival with us together. At this time, Joe will have winter holiday and you will have more time to stay with Joe, communicating, studying and playing together. 

    Finally, we sincerely hope you can come to our famliy and become one of us. Also hope you can bring joy and new experience for us!

    Best regards,    


     my son Joe


    our home