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    Elena family is from Shanghai, the most mordern beautiful city in China. They have two kids, the girl is 6 years old and son is 3 years old. They hope find a short-term au pair for three months. They would like to offer seperate bedroom and invite au pair to join the family activities. Anyone interested please APPLY NOW:)

    Dear au pair,

    Hello! Welcome to our family!

    I am the host mom, doing business. I like reading books, travelling, and fitness. My husband is a businessman, and he likes fitness, swimming, and watching movies. We have 2 kids.  Our  daughter  Isabella a is 6 years old. she is very outgoing and has a sense of order. Moreover, Isabella shows interest in music, math and singin. she can speak some simple English. Our son Henry, 3 years old, he likes playing with Isabella. He loves eating all kinds of food.We have a live-in nanny to do the housework and look after children. 

    We hope you can accompany our children and playing with them, telling stories, singing, and dancing together.    and let them get more information and joy when they are learning English. We also expect you to develop their moral character with patience, politeness, courage and so on.  In the meanwhile, I hope to learn soem oral English. Of course, I can teach you some Chinese and introduce Chinese culture to you.  Our daily life is very regular. If you want, you can go to the park, zoo, supermarket, bookstore and go shopping with us.

    We live in Yanlord Town, Pudong new area, Shanghai. There has Century Park, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai Oriental Art Center, New International Expo Center, and Thumb Plaza nearby, in addition, the life here and transportation are very convenient.

    If you come to our family, we will provide you with a separate room, Wifi, and bathroom which you can share with babies. In diet, if you get accustomed to or you are willing to eat Chinese food, you can have meals with us. And we will offer you 3 meals, fruits, and snacks. If you don’t want to eat or you are not used to eating Chinese food, you also can cook western-style food by yourself. We will provide food material for you.

    Finally, we sincerely hope that you can come to our family, being a member of our family, and bring new experience with delight to us.