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    Leo family lives in Nanjing, a beautiful ancient city in China. They have a 9 years old boy called Leo. They are very open minded, they have hosted 3 au pairs before. They hope find their next au pair in september!:)

    Dear Au Pair,

             Hello! Warm welcome to our family and bring my sons a partner and teacher and bring me a new friend. I hope we can have more happy life experience and fun together!

             We have four family members and a nanny living together. I’m the host dad. I’m a well-educated man with doctorate degree. My wife has been to Russia to study and finished her bachelor and master degree.

    We found a company which specialises in the design and make of text equipment.we have a boy named Leo who is 9 and he is a primary school student in fourth grade. The grandma who is a retired University professor has a good health. She is now doing some reading and taking care of the boy. The nanny is responsible for cooking and doing housework.                                                                                                                                               

             We have sent Leo to Henghai foreign language kindergarten since he was 2. Now he is a student of Nanjing foreign language campus in second grade. Leo is outgoing , smart and active and the foreign teachers like him and he likes the teachers too. We had two au pairs before who got along well with Leo and he took them as his big brothers. Leo is a fast learner who can already speak English to express his thought with foreigners in daily life. We hope you can be Leo’s friend who can go to the park, Zoo, supermarket and the theater with Leo. When you two play together, Leo can learn the culture from your country and make progress in English.                                                                       

             We live in Xianlin University City which has strong cultural atmosphere. Where we live is surrounded by many famous academic schools like Nanjing University, Nanjing Post and Communications University, Nanjing Normal University etc. And because of these famous schools, many foreigners have came to here to study and work. If you go to Xianlin supermarket this kind of public places and you will meet 

    a lot foreigners who could probably come from the same country as you. You won’t feel strange at here.                                                                       

            If you join our family, I would provide a separate room for you with a separate bathroom which can protect your privacy. Your room will also have TV, Wifi which is for you to surf the internet to contact your families and your friends.                                                                               

            Fro the meal, we eat Chinese food almost everyday. If you can’t get used to the food, you can cook by yourself and we will provide the material for you. If you like you can also teach us how to cook western food and we can do together and enjoy your special food.                                                                                

             At last, we sincerely hope you can join us and become one of our family members to bring joy and new experience for us.  

    Best Wishes