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    Successful Placement Stories

    Melita, from Canada, with Hangzhou family

    Melita stayed for 4 months with a very nice family in Hangzhou. The little boy sadly cried for 2 weeks after she left. He loved her so much, enjoyed so many happy moments, learned so many things from her - especially her big smile! Her host mom prepared unique gifts for every family member of her own Canadian family, including her boyfriend! They still keep close contact with each other and Melita promised will definitely come back in the future! 





    Julia, from Germany, with Nanjing family

    Julia has been in China for nearly 8 months with the lovely family living in Nanjing city. Little girl treat Julia as a bestie and only tell her some secrets.  They draw a lot together, since Julia is very good at drawing. And they tell English stories together. Family took her to the most beautiful island in China and travel together for several weeks! Most importantly, she is enjoying Karaoke so much in China!




    Fabio, from Portugue, with Hangzhou family

    Fabio has been in China for 5 months and now enjoying the last month with his family in Hangzhou. Little boy's English improved so much after he joined their family. He is also very hardworking and energetic in learning Mandarin. He is even planning to apply for a school in China and continue his mandarin study! We warmly welcome him to stay longer in China and would love to do as much as we can to help his dream come true! 




    Anna,  from Czech Republic, with Liuzhou family

    Anna spent the 2015 summer with a Liuzhou family and enjoyed the most of this culture exchange activity. This year she applied for a Chinese scholarship with help of her agent Ela in Love Au Pair. Now she is studying Chinese in university! Her dream is to run a Chinese food market!!!