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    About Chinese Host Families

    All the host families are carefully selected and screened. Au Pair rooms are inspected to guarantee au pairs live comfortably. Due to the birth control and "one Child" policy, the majority of Chinese families only have one child or two. Both parents and children are eager to have a big sister or brother living with them. Some families also have experience of living, studying or working abroad. Therefore, they are very open-minded, sociable and easy-going. 

    They warmly welcome au pair to join their family! 

    Our host families are carefully chosen and we gurantee that every host family will provide you with a bedroom, wifi, the meals and monthly pocket money. Host families are awere of potential culture difference and even many host families has host several au pairs before.  Chinese host families will treat au pairs more like a real family member but they maybe very shy to express their feeling due to the culture. They will just do something sweet to help you or care for you instead of telling you nice words. 

    Most Chinese host families do have expectations for au pairs, which is having good relationship with their children and helping improve their children's English. So if you're very interesting in education, especially English teaching, this is a very good chance for you. In this way, you actually don't need to cook for the whole family or kids everyday or do the housework for the family, but just interact with children in a funny way and they could pick up English natually. 

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