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    Our Team

    We are young. 

    The average age of our team is 27 years old. We can understand you; we can listen to your feelings and needs; we can be your first Chinese friend! Love Au Pair agents are always patient, energetic, passionate, optimistic and considerate to provide in-time private service for every au pair. 

    We are professional. 

    Love Au Pair team has been dedicating our full passion and ambition into this culture exchange program for over 3 years. We helped so many young au pairs successfully match with suitable host families, and gain an amazing experience in China. We are very confident to promise every au pair that we can provide you very professional service and practical support. We are your trustworthy local support in China.

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    Our office 

    Love Au Pair company is located in the  central area of Shenzhen city, in the Xinian Center, Futian.The office is next to the  Chegongmiao metro stations which exist 4 metro lines. Transportation here is quite convenient and the environment is very good.

    Our office is registered in the Xinian Center in the following picture: