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    2017/08/07 Welcome! Polish au pair Miriam arrived at Shenzhen!

    Miriam is a lovely and smiling girl. She is from Poland and studying in the Warsaw University. She always wants to explore Asian culture, especially China. Thinking of she has summer vacation, she planed to come to China by herself. With the help of LAP, she matched with a nice family in Shenzhen. They have two kids, one boy and one little girl. Both the parents can speak very good English, and the kids are very cute! They will stay two months together! Wish they spend a great time together and enjoy the local life in Shenzhen!


    Miriam is doing the pre-job trainning in our center


    Miriam likes Chinese food very much!


    Miriam met the little girl!


    visiting a romantica park in Shenzhen

    2017/07/31 Reunion!Host family visited their previous au pair!

    Velerie was an au pair since last January, she joined a very nice family in Hangzhou, they even spent Chinese New Year together. It was a new experience to her and left her good impression. The family they also has an apartment in Hong Kong, so she also spent there for several days. She told us that she likes Hong Kong very much! They spent three months together and enjoyed very good time in spring.

    This summer, the host mom just planed a trip to US with her daughter, thinking that their previous au pair was from US, they tried to contact her. And finally they met in US at her house!! Two families just met up! How appreciated!

    Thanks for au pair experience, it gives both family and au pair  a chance to meet a new family on the other side of the world.


    moms and daughters





    2017/07/30 Congratulations!! Au Pair Natia has finished her six- month program!

    Natia comes from Georgia, She came to China in February. How time flies! At the very beginning she told it was a dream that she even didn't realise that she was in China, but now she almost finishes her program soon! Thanks for her hardworking, her kids improved a lot in English, and they said she was their best au pair and best sister!

    She told us that when she finishes her study, she will come back to China to be a teacher then, because of this experience, she fell in love with China so much! Welcome back anytime! Always best wishes for you!:)


    Natia got the completion certificates


    Natia with her lovely sisters




    Doing cosplay at home!

    2017/07/27 Congratulation!!! Au pair Lorena finished her au pair program!!

    How time flies! Two months was just a moment, our lovely girl Lorena has finished her program soon!!!

    During these two months, she is trying her best to help the boy with his English, She tried to organize many activities for the boy, they got along quite well! We all appreciated her hard working and she was really a brilliant au pair!

    When talked with her, she said she felt like it was just one wekk, then she needs to go back, but anyway she decided to come back again next summer! We do hope see you again! Safe trip!



    Lorena got her completion certificates


    farewell partu for Lorena



    2017/07/20 Welcome au pair Cecillie from Denmark !!

    Cecillie is from Denmark, She is a beautiful and lovely girl! She has learned some Chinese in university, since she loves Chinese so much, and she decided to take a gap to be an au pair in China. Being au pair in China can give her a chance of practicing Chinese, and getting to know the local culture and tradition as well! 

    With the help of Love Au Pair. She was matched successfully with a nice family in Taizhou, to take care a 4 year-old boy.

    Wish she will spend a great time with the family and little boy, hopefully when she leaves, her Chinese will be fluent! enough!!


    She is taking the pre-job training


    Sightseeing in Shenzhen

    2017/07/17 He is not only your au pair, but also one of your family member:)

    Jon is a very handsome and gentle boy from America. In the beginning of 2016, LAP helped him match a family in Hangzhou. They spent several months together and had a very nice experience. During he stayed with the family, two boys improved a lot in English, they played like real brothers. Two boys like sitting on the shoulder very much. 

    One year later, the family planed to traveled in America, the first one they thought of is Jon, they had a brother there!") Two boys called him and wanted to visit him when they are in America. Jon was also very excited about that!

    Now finally they met in America, the hometwon of Jon, after long time drive, finally they met in Washington city.Looking at theese awesome pictures!


    Last year Jon and the host family traveled to Macau


    Finally they met in America!



    always like sitting on the brother's shoulder


    too tired to fall asleep 

    2017/07/14 Congratulation!!! Italian au pair Irene finished her au pair program!!

    Irene is from Iataly. She is a girl who always works well with children. Since she is learning Chinese in univeristy, and she is obsessed with the fantastic culture, this summer she chose to be an au pair in China. How time flies quickly, She finishes her program soon! Thanks for her hard working, she brought a lot of fun to the host kids and they spent a great time together! Wish she safe trip and welcome back to China anytime!


    The host kid made her a necklace with plasticine


    Irene  is playing games with kids



    2017/07/07 Beautiful girl from German has arrived! Welcome!

    Clara is from Germany, since she has studied in England and Spain, she can speak both English and Spanish very well! Thanks to all these abroad experience, she is very independent and has good ability to work with children.

    Wish the help of LAP, she matched with a hangzhou family quickly. The first day when she joined the family, she and the host mom became good friends, both of the kids like her too!:P Wish she has a nice summer experience with the host family and welcome back to China in the future!


    Her first meal in China


    Host mom brought her to try the Chinese breakfast


    Clara is guiding kid's homework


    she is playing with little baby!

    2017/07/07 When French au pair met Italian au pair! Welcome to China!

    Valentin is a handsome boy from France, he is a sporty man but also like smiling a lot. While Mag is from Italy, she is a sweet girl and also hard working. She has learnt Chinese for a while in her school. That's also the reason why she wants to come to China to be an au pair, because this kind of experienc can offer her a great chance to practice the language a lot!! And LAP also offer Mandarin classes for them every week! For Valentin, he is studying in University and always obsessed with different cultures, au pair experience for him is more like a new adventrue to Aisa, to China. Of course the long history and rich culture of this country also fantastic for him! 

    Luckily both of them has found a nice family, When the french boy met the italian girl, they have so much same language to talk when they are doing the pre-job training in shenzhen. Although they will be in different cities, but they had agreed to meet up somehow in Shanghai when both of them have days off! haha, Anyway wish they can spend a great time with their host family in China!


    Their first meal in China


    Au pair activity-visit Shenzhen Museum



    hang out in sunny day


    one more picture hah!

    2017/06/30 Congratulation!!! Polish au pair Alicja finished her five-months program!!

    How time flies fast! At the end of June, Our lovely au pair Alicja has FINISHED her five months program! Thanks for her hardworking to bring joy and great fun to the host family! They spent great time together! Their daughter made great progress on English. With the help of Alicja, she can even applied the scholarship of the school successfully!

    Alicja also built a very good relationship with the host kids, especially the little girl, she is like the big follower of Alicja. The first day when she joined that family, she could speak little English. However, after five months, She can speak simple sentence to Alicja, and can even be the good helper between the nanny and au pair!! What a lovely little girl she is!

    In order to celebrate her successful compeltion, we had a small farewall party for her and also invite other local au pairs together! Wish her expereince in China could be her treasure in her life, welcome back to your family in China anytime! have a safe trip!!


    Alicja got the certificates of the compeltion



    Time to eat!


    I can be the famous singer!!


    Hard to say goodbye to everyone!