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    2017/09/18 Italian au pair Clara has arrived in Shenzhen, Welcome!

    Italian au pair Clara has arrived in Shenzhen

       A new au pair from Italy has just arrived in Shenzhen! Her name is Clara. As many Italian students, she was interested in Chinese language and culture, she learned Chinese in her university. Although she had very good teachers, and got good result in study, She was still lack of confidence to speak Mandrain. Finally she decided to come to China as an au pair. In this way she can inprove her language skill and also experience the real Chinese family life.

      Thanks to her Advanced English and good Chinese, with the help of Love Au Pair, she matched with a family in Hangzhou successfully. After learning that the host family's address is closer to the university in Hangzhou, she discussed with her perents and they even decided to register in univeristy to take the language courses. I'm sure after six months her Chinese will make a spurt of progress!




    Clara arrived at our office


    She was drawing with the little girl

    2017/09/10 Au pair Kseniia from Russia arrived in Shenzhen!

    Au pair Kseniia from Russia arrived in Shenzhen

       Kseniia is from Russia. She was an English teacher before she came to China to be an au pair. She is experienced with children with many creative ideas. Meanwhile, she also has so many talents, she can draw and cook very well. She has been to China before, she visited some northern cities and this time she wants to come to the south part of China. With the help of Love Au Pair, she matched with a nice family in Shenzhen, to take care two kids. They always want to have a big foreign sister, her arriving makes them so happy. Wish they could have a great au pair experience and unforgettable memories:)




    The first day when she joined the family



    They are playing games



    Riding bike

    2017/08/30 French Au Pair Alexis arrived in Shenzhen!

    French Au Pair Alexis arrived in Shenzhen! 

        Alexis is from France, although his mother tongue is French, he can speak good English as well! He just finished his study and wanted to explore the world, Luckily the first step is China!! With the help of LAP, he found a family in Shanghai to take care a small boy, and teach him French:) Alexis is a talkative and hardworking person, he likes reading so much!!

       Before he joins the family, he spent first two days in Shenzhen. We all like this handsome and considerate boy! Our biggest wishes to him and his future family! Wish they can spend wonderful six months!




    Alexis is doing pre-job trainning!

    2017/08/28 #Au pair Cultural Event# Chinese Pottery Making

    #Au pair Cultural Event# Chinese Pottery Making

        China, as one of the world’s most ancient civilizations, has made a multiple of contributions for the advancement and improvement of human societies. It is fair to say that pottery history is a very important part of China’s history. The word “china”clearly shows that the country is the “home of pottery and porcelain” There is a legend said, in East Han dynasty, Chinese people sold many pottery and porcelains to Europe, with good quality and cheaper price, they got high praise, more and more people knew there is a country, abounds in china and porcelain, finally they just called this country to “China”:) Weather the story is true or not, we can see their close connection.

       To let au pairs know more about Chinese culture, LAP invited the master of pottery to give them a lesson. Everyone in the workshop had a lot of fun and enjoyed so much! Look at the pictures!








    2017/08/27 Welcome German au pair Linn and American au pair Rachel arrived in Shenzhen!

    How coinsidence! German au pair Linn and American au pair Rachel just arrived in Shenzhen on the same day!

    Rachel was learning Chinese in her school before she came to China, when we talk to her in Chinese, she can understand most of them and can also response us in Chinese! We are all surprised by her!! She told us she likes China and the culture very much, that's why she wanted to come to China to experience! Now her dream just came true! Welcome! and wish you have a great time with your host family here!

    Another girl Linn is from Germany, she is a talkative girl as well, but she is good at writing with great imagination! Such a creative girl!  With the help of LAP, she matched a family in Hangzhou and will take care a little girl! We are sure that she will be a real big sister for the little girl!

    Thanks for the trust of your guys, wish you all have a wonderful time in Hangzhou with your families and create good memories!


    picture with LAP photo wall!


    Rachel and Linn are doing the pre-job training



    2017/08/23 Welcome Serbian au pair Tijana arrived in Shenzhen!

    Tijana is from Serbia, she is a lovely and smiling girl with great patience in working with children. She has spent two months with a family in Hubei Province. After she finished the contract, she wanted to find another chance to stay longer because she likes China, especially food very much:) With the help of LAP, she matched a nice family in Hangzhou. Wish she enjoyed the new life in Hangzhou:))


    Tijana is doing the pre-job training


    Taking picture with the Chinese book


    Tijana likes Chinese food!

    2017/08/20 Welcome!Spanish au pair Agustin arrived in Shenzhen!

    Agustin comes from Spain. He just finished his study and wanted to explore the world. He is an independent and hard working person. He learned Chineses by himself with great passion! With his personal effort, he can speak simple Chinese even before he came to Shenzhen. He likes Chinese culture and wants to continue his Chinese study, LAP just helped him find a good family in Hangzhou. Can't wait to see his new experience in China! Best Wishes!


    Agustin is taking picture with LAP photo wall




    Handsome boy!

    2017/08/19 Danish Au Pair Isabel arrived in Shenhzhen! Welcome!

    Isabel is from Danmark, she is a talkative and knowledgeable girl. In her university , she works so hard to learn Chinese and Chinese culture! She is very interested in Asia culture and always wants to explore China. With the help of LAP, she was matched with a nice family in Hangzhou to take care twins.

    When she arrived in Shenzhen, the weather here surprised her, which was tooo warmer than her hometown. But we all surprised by her Chinese level, haha, she can understand a lot! Haha, wish she can get along well with her new family and bring joy to each other!


    She is doing pre-job training in our center



    Isabel likes Chinese food very much!


    Twins are waiting for her arrival 

    2017/08/17 German au pair Aaron arrived in Shenzhen!

    Aaron is a handsome boy from Germany. He just finished his high school and planed to come to China. Since he always wants to come to China to learn the culture one day. He is a very outgoing and easygoing person, he likes playing football very much! With the help of LAP, he matched a family in Hangzhou. They have three kids at home! But they all like him very much! Before he came, the family they had trip to Europe and even planed to visit him. Although they finally didn't meet up. But yes finally they will meet in China! Wish him have a super great time in China!



    Aaron is doing pre-job training at our center


    Aaron likes Chinese food very much!


    Aaron is playing with the little girl

    2017/08/09 Welcome au pair Kirsi from Finland !!

    Kirsi is from Finland, she is very outgoing and independent girl. She was an au pair in Switzerland for three months to take care a two-year-old boy. They got along quite well!:) Under the influence of her brother, she also wants to come to China very much! With the help of LAP, she matched a very nice family in Shenzhen, after two months, finally she is here!:)

    Her family is waiting for her for long time! Really wish they can spend a great time and bring joys for each other!



    Kirsi likes taking pictures very much


    family warmly welcommed her!!!


    She is playing with kids


    She likes Chinese food very much!