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    2019/10/11 Birthday&Farewell Party for Au Pair Jenna!

    Birthday&Farewell Party for Au Pair Jenna

    On 11th,Oct, 2019,  Jenna from the United States excellently completed her six-month aupair program. Jenna also got along very well with her Chinese family, creating many interesting and warm memories together.

    Jenna’s birthday is at the same day,thus all the staffs of Love Au Pair and aupairs in Shenzhen held a farewell party and birthday party for Jenna. She was very moved and happy by the surprise birthday at the scene. In addition, We played card games together, and there was full of fun.

    Although Jenna has finished the program, she always is our adorable friend. We sincerely wish Jenna has a bright future and everthing  goes well !




    2019/9/24 Play Mahjong Together with Aupairs !

    Play Mahjong Together !

    Love Au Pair successfully held Mahjong experience activity in 24th,September. Its the first time for each au pair who participated in the activitie to play Mahjong. They are all interested in each mahjong tiles,listened carefully to the history and development of Mahjong,and quickly learned the basic playing methods of mahjong under the guidance of teachers. 

    Aupairs all were playing mahjong happily.Moreover,Some au pairs also want to bring mahjong  back to their own countries and teach their families how to play mahjong together!



    2019/8/28 Exploring the Taichi culture with au pairs

    Exploring the Taichi culture with au pairs

    Love Au Pair successfully held Taichi experience activity in 28th,August. Each au pair listened carefully to the teaching of Taichi Master and learned the history and meaning of Chinese Taijiquan together. Meanwhile, They learned the basic gestures of Taijiquan and did their excellent personal performance. Through this Taichi experience, au pairs have more understanding and interests in Chinese culture.

    Cultural exchanges between different countries make the world more wonderful and beautiful!


    2019/8/13 Welcome Au Pair Veronika from Slovakia!

    Welcome Au Pair Veronika from Slovakia

    Veronika, an au pair from Slovakia, lives into a nice host family in Dalian city after more than 10 hours flight. The host family prepared special hand-made dumplings for Veronika and Veronika was appreciated for that. They both are looking forward to the life of the next three months.


    Veronika ate dumplings at the Chinese home 


    Veronika plays with the kid


    Veronika went outside with the host mom and the kid

    2019/7/10 Farewell Party for Au Pair Emma

     Farewell Party for Au Pair Emma

        Au pair Emma from Australia has successfully finished her au pair program on 10th July in Shenzhen, China. When she first applied for the au pair program, she only applied for three months, but she decided to extend it for another three months because of the love to China.Miss Emma, a beautiful and nice girl,  got along very happily with her Chinese host family and created many wonderful memories with them. 

        On 10th July, staffs of Love Au Pair Agency and other au pairs held a farewell party for Emma. Emma prepared lovely kangaroo dolls for friends , and left a thank-you letter that she wrote with her heart.

    Dear Emma, wish you have a bright future and you are always warmly welcome to China!




    2019/6/13 Farewell Party for Lenka

    Farewell Party for au pair Lenka

         Au pair Lenka from Czech Republic has successfully finished their au pair program on 13th June in Shenzhen, China. During the program she has learned a lot and taught the host children a lot as well. Thank you so much to share us your lovely stories and treat the host children just like your own sisters. Wish you have a bright future and you are always warmly welcome to China!



    2019/5/28 Learning Chinese Calligraphy with AuPairs

    Learning Chinese Calligraphy with AuPairs

       Today, we cooperated with the cultural center in Shenzhen to hold a cultural activity-Learning Chinese Calligraphy. All Aupairs in Shenzhen joined us and had fun. We  learned not only how to write but the culture of Chinese characters. Everyone is so interested in the calligraphy and think it is so amazing. We learned a lot today, and got to know each other better. Hope to see you soon.


    2019/5/11 The 2019 Annual Meeting of China Au Pair Association ended successfully

    The 2019 Annual Meeting of China Au Pair Association ended successfully

      On May 11th, the annual meeting of the Chinese Au Pair Association was held in Shenzhen. The director of Love Au Pair Agency, Olivia, and the supervisor Abby participated in the meeting. 

      Together with outstanding practitioners of the  Au Pair program, they conducted on how to promote the healthy development of the Au Pair project.The annual meeting discussed the development and transformation of the Au Pair project under the trend of the new era. Through sharing and interaction, it will help people understand the changes in the environment, better cope with future challenges in the process of change, and provide guarantee for the healthy development of the Au Pair project in China. It will also further standardize the service quality of project practitioners to protect the rights of au pairs and reciprocal families.

      The meeting was full of rewards, discussing the development of the au pair industry and the solutions to common problems. Everyone exchanged ideas~



    2019/4/24 Exploring the tea culture with au pairs

    Exploring the tea culture with au pairs

      Yesterday, Shenzhen's Au Pairs Emma and Susanna went to the Qin Han Hutong to participate in the tea art class with the staff of Love Au Pair. The au pair listened carefully to the historical origins of tea culture, the benefits of tea, the type of tea, the culture of tea, and so on. West Lake Longjing was selected as one of them to experience. Everyone benefited a lot. The teacher gave a detailed introduction to the brief history of tea, the type of tea, a detailed introduction to green tea, and how to make green tea. During the course of the class, the teacher gave a demonstration while the au pair learned about the long-standing tea culture and was amazed. Chinese culture is profound, and tea culture is only one small branch. But through today's activities, we also feel the profoundness of tea culture. I hope that every time  participating in cultural activities, au pairs can learn more about Chinese culture. The tea class is over, we look forward to the next meeting~




    2019/02/28 Visiting the Talent Park

    Visiting the Talent Park

          Shenzhen Talent Park is located in Nanshan district, the first park with the topic of Talent in Shenzhen, and was build in 2017. There are many different topic parks inside, connecting the Shenzhen Bay Park and Shenzhen Bay Sport Center. We had lot of fun, played some games, like Truth or Dare, Tear off the brand name; and enjoyed our picnic in such a good weather. 





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